"Voir plus clair et agir mieux" 
"Clearer vision and better achievements"


About us

We are a consulting company based in the Indian Ocean that collaborates with companies in the service of performance that is both immediate and sustainable, as well as individual and collective.

We have a double ambition:

1. To deploy pragmatic and concrete interventions that mobilise employees' commitment, and that are adapted to the need for professionalisation and business performance

2. To innovate in the face of customary practices and habits, to bring our society into a development that is sustainable, and capable of meeting the environmental, economic and human challenges of today and tomorrow.

To achieve that, our approach is to mobilise a network of partnerships and privileged collaborations in order to offer  local and international expertise for our clients.


At the Core of our Approach

Dynamia aims to align the performance and resilience of business in the short and long term, while promoting the health and wellbeing of society and the natural environment. This system wide approach is inscribed in a business logic that is restorative and regenerative by design.

We support organisations by looking at their processes, products, people and corporate structures to help them build solutions, overcome difficulties, remove constraints, find meaning, and develop their potential.

We help people and organisations grow and develop by encouraging and leveraging both individual and collective dynamics.


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