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We are part of the community of people using business as a force for good. 


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Redefining success in Business

We develop the B Corp community in the West Islands of the Indian Ocean.


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Bring your purpose to life.


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We believe that creating partnerships between Private & 

Public sectors is essential for a viable future


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Wakashio-COVID Impact assessment

The Mauritian South East Coast has been hit by two major crisis in less than 6 months. Dynamia, in collabo-ration with Stanford University student Josheena Naggea are studying the impacts.

Photo Credit : Greenpeace



Nicolas Hardy

Chief Technology & Operations Officer, Afrasia Bank

Dynamia comes in handy when one has to find ways to move a team forward within challenging circumstances: an ability to listen, understand while validating the issue. Most important, Dynamia then comes up with a custom and unique approach to take on the challenge, not ‘text book’ driven by any means but rather rooted with a serious conviction.

Denis Lagesse

General Manager, Mechanization Co. Ltd

The ideal partners to seek for solutions and advises in today’s dynamic challenging business world. Sound and smart advises to ease and fulfill our challenges

Sophie Desvaux de Marigny

Group Head of Communications and Sustainability, Harel Mallac & Co. Ltd

Dynamia a animé des ateliers dans les différents clusters du groupe en vue d’aider à la prise de conscience sur les défis environnementaux et mobiliser le leadership du groupe autour des SDGs. En ont résulté les Planet Goals, treize engagements d’Harel Mallac à atteindre d’ici 2025.

of International Group (1,000 locations In 90 countries)

Faire appel aux services de Dynamia, c’est faire appel à des personnes très profes-sionnelles, dynamiques, qui sont très à l’écoute des autres. J’ai fait appel à Dynamia pour travailler le thème « surmonter le défi «. J’ai énormément apprécié cette collaboration qui m’a été d’un très grand soutien ; j’ai beaucoup appris sur moi, sur le monde du business. L’humain est valorisé à chaque instant. Je recommande vivement Dynamia.

Regional tax Director Africa



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