At Dynamia, we distinguish 3 types of participatory workshops:

(1) The production workshop:  c0-production & co-realisation

(2) The Acquisition workshop:  appropriation of soft skills or hard skills

(3) The Exploration Workshop: invites new reflection and creative thinking on a chosen topic

Our workshops are participatory with some theory and a lot of practical work. Participants are invited to identify the short and long term usefulness of what they produce, acquire or explore. Participants experience relevant expertise, results, skills or changes related to their reality. Our tried and tested pedagogy, allows for reflection during and after the workshops to create real-time adherence and appropriation of the content.

How do our workshops help participants?

The Production workshop immerses them in problem-solving focused team work, and the production of an action plan, choosing improvement paths, etc.

The Acquisition workshop engages them in a process of change of skills, attitudes, practices. The workshop is usually organised with first a demonstration, then an introduction to the practice with feedback on the performance.

The Exploration workshop encourages them to think together about a chosen topic, using techniques that encourages free-thinking and an open and creative mind-set.   

Note that it is possible to combine these different types of workshops to serve the desired purpose. Each type of workshop is based on a specific course and teaching methods.


Integrated Report

Dynamia has an excellent track record in this area - having helped PhoenixBev to win the SEM10 award for best integrated report in 2017 - with an additional nomination from PWC.

We to prepare you in writing an integrated report, through a series of workshops. Each workshop will tackle the different components of IRs, such as the strategy, the 6 capitals, and the risks. At the end you will have all the core elements needed to write a stellar IR report. We also propose to write the report ourselves.

Corporate Retreat

This is our most popular workshop, based on a very flexible methodology that allows teams to tackle various challenges and obstacles in any industry.  We propose 1 to 2 days of 'retreat' away from the every-day hustle, to encourage team-work, to recognise individuals and to build the future together. The topics of discussion will be of your choosing and can cover anything from strategy/mission to personal experiences and development. The workshop is closed by a celebration of the team and the milestones achieved.

Strategic Workshop

Collaboration is key to achieving alignment around a strategic vision for your company, and workshops are a great way to get everyone working together. These workshops are designed to help you think creatively to decide on a way forward, creating innovative strategies, with concrete objectives, outcomes, intended impacts and value added. Our goal is to have you come out of this workshop with a roadmap of how to go ahead, with what, and how to create organisation alignment that you can implement immediately for the long-term sustainability of your company.


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