Training Courses

Dynamia provides MQA* approved training sessions on various topics within our expertise. Our courses tend to focus on helping individuals discover answers for themselves, and give the confidence required to perform well.

As we are constantly adding new courses and adapting existing ones to current needs, it is impossible for us to upload a complete portfolio. 

*For Mauritian companies: The Human Resources Development Council (HRDC) - under the aegis of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources - provides a budget to companies for the training of their employees. These courses have to be approved by the Mauritius Qualification Authority (MQA). You have the right to a 60% reimbursement for all MQA approved courses, within your allocated budget.


Managerial Barometer

Evaluate your managerial practices, skills and teams collectively and through individual sessions. Learn new skills and practices for a new direction. We have accompanied a large number of small to very large companies with this tool - to develop leadership skills and attitudes. These individual sessions are confidential, with a final report delivered on recommendations for leadership and management at the company.

Human Resources Management

An example of a successful course was created for Human Resources managers. The aim was to discuss practices across the industries in Mauritius, to share problems, and find innovative solutions together.

Customer Support - phoning skills

We have recently created a new series of courses aimed at improving phoning and communication skills for receptionists and front of line employees. Front-of-line services offer clients the first glimpse of your company, and making a good impression is imperative. Knowing how to handle difficult customers, how to follow-up on a phone call, how to represent the company all help in creating that important first impression.


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