Green House




The first edition was in December 2015, having gathered 200,000 people in the streets of Port Louis for 3 nights, for a budget of Rs 30 million. Dynamia was responsible for the social and environmental issues of the festival; elaboration of the communication strategy; development of the strategy and the social action plan to ensure the adhesion and integration of all inhabitants of Port Louis to the project carried by the festival; preventive conflict management and crisis management; at the request of the Ministry of Education: participation in the educational platform set up by this Ministry to develop a pilot program ensuring creative emulation in schools


We recently carried out an SIA for one of Evaco’s property development schemes – which is now a legal requirement for PDS development. This included contextual analysis, quantitative analysis, field surveys, stakeholder interviews and an impact assessment. 

SIAs can be useful for a host of needs: (1) garnering information and participation from communities for a development/project, (2) understanding a company’s socio-economic impact on a nation and/or community. This can inform and serve the company in numerous ways - from deciding what type of community projects to undertake to using it as a support element for negotiations with government entities or shareholders.


 Dynamia can implemented different tactical waste-management interventions in Mauritius. For instance one of these interventions by our partner, the Institute of Bon Pasteur, was at Chamarel Waterfall in October 2017; where private societies, volunteers and police forces came together to get more than 800 kg of waste out of a ravine with the help of a teleferic system (cable car).


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