Change management


Managerial Barometer

Evaluate your managerial practices, skills and teams collectively and through individual sessions. Learn new skills and practices for a new direction. We have accompanied a large number of small to very large companies with this tool - to develop leadership skills and attitudes. These individual sessions are confidential, with a final report delivered on recommendations for leadership and management at the company.

Coporate Retreat

Set in a pleasant and inspiring location, this is our most popular workshop, based on a very flexible methodology that allows teams to tackle various challenges and obstacles in any industry.  We propose 1 to 2 days of 'retreat' away from the every-day hustle, to encourage team-work, to recognise individuals and to build the future together. The topics of discussion will be of your choosing and can cover anything from strategy/mission to personal experiences and development. The workshop is closed by a celebration of the team and the milestones achieved.

Individual Coaching Sessions

Guy is a certified coach, and help you find solutions and pathways for your career. As these are highly confidential please contact us for more information.


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